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Telelingua: 30 years of translation and localization

Telelingua manages all kinds of multilingual translation and localization projects in almost every conceivable language combination. We also offer a wide range of services related to translation, including: terminology management, quality control, localization, creation and management of translation memories, advice on internationalization, technical advice, development of automated document management tools, multilingual typesetting, document legalization, multilingual IT testing and interpreting services.


Explained in the simplest terms, translation means converting text from a source language into a target language. In reality it is considerably more complex. It requires qualified and experienced in-country translators, defined and well-tested quality assurance procedures (revisions, reviews, proofreading), efficient terminology management, and the appropriate use of specific tools and technology.

Software localization

Localization means translation with a cultural twist. It involves creating a “local look and feel” in the translated content, by adapting it to the cultural, political and legal character of a foreign market. It requires expertise in SEO techniques and user interface testing.

Website translation

The source of potential visitors to your website is inexhaustible. Translation of your online presence is therefore crucial. Our technical team will steer you away from any pitfalls and translate your website into all of your chosen languages (APIs available).


Why do our clients also entrust us the DTP of their documents? We respect our clients’ mock-ups, graphic charters and parameters (fonts, colors, etc.) and deliver translations that mirror exactly the layout of the source language, in whatever publishing software.

Language engineering

Before the very first word is translated, our internal technical project management team and IT specialists work with the client to develop a tailor-made solution to extract the content to be translated and optimize its reuse.

Other language services

Before translation, comes copywriting. And after translation, there is technical revision. Our specialist teams can support you throughout each of these steps.

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